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Holistic Care Questions

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

In short, yes I do. Reiki is a gentle and supportive healing modality. I believe that it works best in conjunction with other treatments. Reiki can help alleviate physical pain, aid in the healing process, and lessen the effects of modern medicine. Reiki is NOT a replacement for medical treatment.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Ask as many questions as needed to feel comfortable. For in person sessions, not much is needed, just be open to the experience. For distant sessions, it is important to create a relaxing environment. I suggest turning off all distractions and playing relaxing music of your choice.

What should I expect from my first session?

Everyone has a different experience. I have had clients that did not feel anything until their second or third sessions, while others were completely blown away by the results. Expect to feel relaxed, more aware and in some cases to feel physical relief from ailments.

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