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What My Clients Say

Check out some of the feedback from past patients detailing how I've helped improve their health and overall lifestyle. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment and start your own healing process.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Great experience! She had a great positive and caring energy! She’s extremely intuitive, and in the days following I was left with an all around positive feeling. Will definitely do it again!


I’m so glad for finding Noelle. Ever since our sessions have started, i’ve felt more at peace and at balance. She’s honest and has good intent and her true care is something that is felt. It is lovely to meet a person such as herself. I’m very grateful for Noelle and her services. 10/10 would recommend and have!! Thank you so much!

Destiny Sequina

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a few years now. A few months ago I felt like something was missing but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I kept feeling called to Try Reiki. I went on a search and found Gaia Healing Arts and Reiki with Noelle.
At that time I had no idea what it would be like. Now a few months later I can’t do without it. Noelle is absolutely amazing. She has such a gift. Not only is the Reiki itself incredible. Words can’t describe it. But Noelle, her insight, intuition, connection to spirit, her soothing voice, her kind and gentle soul. It’s not just the Reiki, it’s her... She is absolutely amazing. I have a weekly sessions and I feel so great. This is now part of my journey. My connection to spirit and myself has deepened. My vibration is so much higher. My intuition has heightened. It gets better and better every single time.
If you are on a spiritual journey of any sort I encourage you to try this, to reach out to Noelle. You won’t be disappointed. It will change your life. I can assure you this will be life changing.
~ Ja’net
Marmora NJ

It’s been a while since I wrote this review. In that time I have continued on my spiritual path. Noelle and her gift of Reiki have been with me the entire time. In addition to my inner work, Noelle has been a gift to me. Her presence,incredible energy and gentle soul is medicine to my soul. Don’t delay if you’re being called to Reiki, you will be so happy to choose Noelle as your practitioner!

Janet Carlos

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